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Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is an internationally compliant, well-regulated jurisdiction. Its commercial and financial infrastructure, business-friendly government and fiscal regime, makes the Isle of Man an ideal place in which to locate both your private wealth and a wide variety of businesses and through which to organise all manner of asset holding, investment and commercial transactions.

Located in the heart of the Irish Sea, between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the Isle of Man is a small but beautiful island with a temperate Atlantic climate, rolling hills, open moors, steep-sided valleys and pretty, coastal towns and villages.

Constitutionally, it is not a sovereign state but a British Crown Dependency, entirely self-governing and free to make its own laws, raise its own taxes and spend the taxes raised.

It is not part of the United Kingdom (UK) or the European Union (EU) but as a result of international agreements it functions for VAT, Customs & Excise Duty purposes and most aspects of international trade as if it were part of the UK and therefore part of the EU. Having one foot in the UK/EU and one foot out, gives the Island a unique and advantageous position over its competitor jurisdictions.