Fedelta is a different class of financial service provider focused on delivering peace of mind and a trusted relationship to our domestic and international clients.

With a management team who are specialists in their respective fields and the experience to offer constructive insight and ideas, our services are provided with genuine added value.
  • What makes us different

    Our staff are integral to what we do. We do not manufacture or sell goods, we sell the expertise, experience and time of our staff.  This is why our staff, as you will see as you browse, are so prominent on our website. We have tried to ensure that our website reflects who we are as people and what you can expect of us as a company without having to spell it out. We are different and we hope that you will enjoy visiting our website and perhaps also enjoy visiting our office to meet us in person in the near future.


    Steven Quirk




Fedelta is independent and wholly owned by its management team. We have a direct interest in the quality of our service and are free to manage our clients’ affairs in their best interests.

Situated in the Isle of Man, Fedelta has been providing financial services for over 25 years and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Whatever your needs, be they business support, exempt fund administration, providing for existing and future generations or UK property investment, Fedelta will provide you with peace of mind in a secure and regulated environment.

Meet the team

The Fedelta Group

Elaine Watterson

Assistant - Compliance

As a Compliance assistant, it is my job to support Mark Rivers, our Compliance Manager, in all of the firms regulatory compliance matters. These include our GDPR requirements, ensuring new business and client activity follows our KYC procedures along with helping to ensure the on boarding process with the business in a smooth but compliant manner.

Frank Perry

Managing Director

My primary role is to build relationships with existing and potential new clients. I feel quite privileged in my work in that whilst my clients have kindly entrusted me in assisting them in the management of their wealth (and this in itself is a big step for anyone), many of them have also become good friends; without my work I would never have been fortunate in meeting them, so, why shouldn’t I enjoy my ‘work’! . My clients know that I take my job extremely seriously but at the same time I am always conscious of the human element – all people are different and where wealth management is concerned everyone has different ideas and aspirations and my understanding of this, I think, helps me build the relationships I have with my clients.

Predominantly, I assist Middle Eastern high net worth individuals and their families with the creation of the most effective holding structures, particularly for their UK real estate assets. I work on behalf of clients who have specific or diversified commercial or residential property portfolios, including various forms of buy-to-let accommodation, including student property and more specialist investment sectors such as the care home industry. When assisting clients my priority is to try to help in protecting their assets whilst also giving consideration to inheritance solutions; in this day and age many families have built up vast amounts of wealth and it is imperative that thought is given as to how this wealth is to be passed down to the next generation.

For those of you wishing to know a little more about my qualifications, I am a Master of Business Administration and a member of STEP.

Please feel free to pick up the phone and speak with me, I am always happy to try and help.

Joan Blake

Relationship Manager - Client Services

I joined Fedelta in June 2008 and I am responsible for the day-to-day administration of client structures. With over 22 years experience working in the financial services industry in the Isle of Man, I bring a wealth of experience to Fedelta, having regular contact with my clients and ensuring all their requirements are dealt with professionally and with attention to detail.

I successfully completed a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) with the Open University and hold the Offshore Centres Certificate of Trust & Company Administration.

Originally from the North East of England, I have lived and worked in a variety of countries overseas. Outside of work, I am particularly interested in astronomy, the great outdoors and enjoy cooking for friends and family.

Liz Colquitt

Internal Accounts Assistant

My role with Fedelta is to support the Finance Director in invoicing, billing and account reconciliation. The role was previously undertaken by someone who recently retired, having worked for Fedelta just short of 20 years! Thankfully I got some time with her before she left for her to pass on some of her knowledge and experience.  

Having worked for a very large company with 100’s of employees, it has been a very nice change to move to Fedelta. Everyone supports each other here and it really is like a family. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I have been made to feel very welcome. I am enjoying the variety of the role and with all the new challenges, I am learning something new every day. 

Alison Collister

Accountant - Client Accounts

I have been with Fedelta for over 10 years and work closely with the Client Accounts Manager. 

As a member of the International Association of Accounting Professionals, a Fellow of the International Association of Bookkeepers and ACCA Certified as an Accounting Technician, I have gained experience in all areas of accounting. My role within the group is preparing Company and Trust Financial Statements, completion of VAT and Tax Returns and assisting with any bookkeeping issues.

Mark Rivers

Manager - Compliance

Whenever I say “compliance” when people ask me what I do for a job, it is usually followed by a blank stare, a glazing of the eyeballs and stifled yawn or the response “is that Health and safety?” 

I appreciate that while Compliance isn’t the raciest of subjects within the commercial world, I would argue that brake pad manufacturers are probably also not held in very high regard within the motorsport industry until your multimillion pound racing car can’t negotiate a tight corner or change track and succumbs to the forces of physics at great expense all because you didn’t see the need for something that might hold you back or slow your progress.

Basically put, compliance is the management of risk and is there to help you negotiate the twists and turns of the regulatory route ahead and allow you to focus on reaching your goals without any nasty surprises or bumps in the road.

Here at Fedelta we operate to the highest ethical and regulatory standards required of licence holders on the Isle of Man. This isn’t so that we can put the brakes on what our clients wants to do, but allows us to provide all stakeholders in our business with the confidence that we will act with the upmost integrity, skill, care and diligence in every aspect of our business relationship. 

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and it’s within my role as Compliance Officer to ensure that the Directors, staff and clients of Fedelta are aware of the “rules of the road” to allow them to navigate the course ahead and avoid any pitfalls that may come their way.

Dave Brew


I started working with the directors of Fedelta in 1987, in the trust and corporate department of a large banking and investment plc. My expertise is broadly based but with a specialised knowledge of trading company support services, property holding structures and tax planning vehicles for sports personalities, entertainers, and high-profile individuals.

I was appointed as a Director of Fedelta Trust Limited in December 2014 with primary responsibility for client liaison, overseeing the team of client administrators and bedding in new client structures.

I am a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.


Kevin Murphy

Manager - Client Accounts

As the manager of our client accounts, I am responsible for all areas of Fedelta Trusts financial statements, IOM and UK tax returns.

I have worked within the financial sector for 27 years, 16 of which with Fedelta Trust Limited. I qualified as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in 2001 and advanced to fellowship status in 2006.

William Laughlin

Finance Director

I commenced my training with a firm of accountants in 1980 and then joined the other Fedelta Directors in 1982 and became office manager of a multi-national plc's international financing and investment operation.

I am a founder member of Fedelta and I am the Finance Director, with specific responsibility for all accounting functions of the Fedelta Group. I am also a member of the Institute of Management.


Samantha McShane

Administrator - Client Services

The role I perform at Fedelta is in the Accountancy / Tax Compliance Department which involves predominantly looking after Middle Eastern clients.  As well as my position at Fedelta, I study with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

I joined Fedelta several years ago and I am fortunate to be part of such a positive and influential team.  I am grateful to have learnt from my experienced colleagues as well as having formed strong friendships with them and the younger team members.

Michael Shimmin


What does my job involve? You might find it strange that for me the answer is “I help people”. I help our clients and their spouses and children, I help our staff to help our clients, and I help other professionals to help their clients. I help families preserve their wealth so that it is retained for future generations, I am there to assist them during good times and support them in times of difficulty. We believe that long term relationships are essential if we are to be best positioned to serve our clients and I hope I have contributed to Fedelta developing that ethos. The best thing about having a job that involves helping people is that it is immensely fulfilling. 

Chris Shimmin

Relationship Manager – Client Services

Having worked with Fedelta management team several years ago, I am very pleased to now be working for such a great Company and hope that the experience I have gained working alongside some of the wealth management industry’s most knowledgeable talent over the past 30 years will complement Fedelta’s already exceptional team.

I hold the Isle of Man certificate in Offshore Administration and also acquired the STEP diploma in International Trust Management some 10 years ago and I like to keep up-to-date with current developments.

Outside of work I’m a proud father and although I don’t compete, I run and exercise regularly and have a healthy interest in nutrition.

If you would like to know more about me I have a LinkedIn profile or you can reach me using the contact details below, I would love to hear from you!

Dino Rizzo

Assistant - Support Services

As an office assistant for Fedelta, I greet our clients and provide a friendly smile to all those whom I meet. Working for Fedelta provides me the opportunities to meet some fantastic people and every day is different. I represent the company every day when undertaking bank runs, delivering important documents to our partners and providers and it makes me proud being trusted with these tasks. 

Originally from Italy, I moved to the Island in 2002 to improve my English, make lasting friends and find a role working for a company which looks after its staff like a family. Working for Fedelta I have been lucky to find all of that and more. 

David Kelly

Relationship Manager - Client Services

I have worked at Fedelta for a number of years in my role as a Client Relationship Manager.

My role requires an understanding of the intricacies of trust administration, the legal framework and the duties of a trustee while making every effort to accommodate the wishes of the settlor(s) and to put in place appropriate measures to meet the needs of beneficiaries. In the majority of cases this requires the use of corporate structures; these can be companies incorporated in the Isle of Man or overseas. There are differing statutory requirements to understand which are typically jurisdiction specific. In all cases an understanding of directors’ duties and statutory regulations are required.

Fedelta’s directors encourage their administrators to be involved in every aspect of the client relationship, actively working with their administrators to understand the mind set of trustees’ or directors’ when discharging fiduciary duties. I feel that ethos enhances my ability to converse with the appropriate parties on any given task.

The aspect I enjoy the most in my role is building and maintaining client relationships, which ultimately benefit from the familiarity and understanding that develops as a result of communicating regularly with clients’ and their advisors. 


Steven Quirk


My role is primarily focused in client services and entails the management of a range of business areas that are fundamental to the provision of fiduciary services, such as accountancy, administration, investment, legal and tax.

Whilst the traditional role of a fiduciary is essentially the same, ever-increasing regulation, transparency and taxation initiatives have added further complexity to an already complex area of practice.  This has required my involvement in overseeing our response to local initiatives such as the Isle of Man Beneficial Ownership Act; national initiatives such as the UK Trust Register, the UK ‘Requirement to Correct’ and ‘Enablers’ legislation as well as multi-national initiatives such as US FATCA, UK CDOT, the Common Reporting Standard and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years; I am a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and I have completed the Diploma in International Trust Management with Distinction