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Trusts & Foundations

Trusts & Foundations

Offshore fiduciary services are becoming increasingly relevant for a growing number of individuals. Trusts are a prudent and effective method of planning, and with Fedelta you can take confidence from our expertise, our integrity and our dedication to knowing your circumstances.

When used properly, Trusts can protect assets from taxation, expropriation, matrimonial dispute, extravagance or the naivety of an inexperienced beneficiary. Estates are often intended for the benefit of future generations rather than simply the enrichment of present day heirs, and potential tax exposure demands care in timing the devolution of wealth from one generation to the next. They can also be useful to individuals changing their jurisdiction of residence,

enabling them to become a ‘new born’ tax payer and, when placed in the right jurisdiction, can be an effective way of minimising capital taxes.

We will assess your situation, assist in finding the best solution for you and handle all of the details. It may, for example, necessitate dealing with assets in several jurisdictions, something at which we are both talented and experienced.

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