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Isle of Man SIPPS


Self-Invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPS) offer a tax efficient method of providing for future retirement income. A SIPPS is a personal pension scheme that is established under trust and managed by trustees for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.

The SIPPS offered by Fedelta are specially designed to meet the needs of clients with substantial pension funds who wish to retain control over their own pension assets. Unlike the ‘master-trust’ arrangements offered by some pension providers, Fedelta establishes separate trusts under which the client can be appointed as a co-trustee and a co-signatory to all banking and investment transactions. We don’t ask clients to pass total control of their hard-earned pension assets to us, and they retain the power of appointing and removing the professional trustee.

In addition, our trusteeship and administration fees are based on the time involved rather than a percentage of the assets held, a transparent structure that can produce substantial cost savings for clients with higher value SIPPS.

Fedelta SIPPS are designed to meet HMRC QROPS requirements and can therefore receive transfers from UK pension schemes.

The Retirement Benefit Schemes (Domestic Schemes) (General Administration) Regulations 2004 introduced by the Isle of Man Insurance and Pensions Authority are designed to provide security to scheme members whilst also providing maximum flexibility. Due to this positive regulatory framework and the effective tax approval regime, domestic schemes established in, or managed from, the Isle of Man can offer significant benefits to scheme members.

We are happy to meet with potential clients and professional advisors, without cost or obligation. Contact us to investigate whether Fedelta pension planning could be of benefit to you.

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