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International Schemes


With its positive regulatory environment and an effective tax approval regime that pro-actively assists the Pensions industry, the Isle of Man is now one of the first-choice jurisdictions for establishing and managing international pension schemes. Fedelta’s highly experienced team can assist in pension scheme design, establishment, administration and trusteeship.

The Retirement Benefits Schemes (International Schemes) Regulations 2001 introduced by the Isle of Man Insurance and Pensions Authority ( at the start of 2002 are designed to provide security to scheme members while also providing maximum flexibility. Due to this positive regulatory framework, international pension schemes (occupational and personal) established in, or managed from, the Isle of Man can offer significant benefits to the following groups:

  • multi-national employers who want to rationalise their pension arrangements under one scheme;
  • internationally mobile workers;
  • foreign domiciled employees working in the UK for overseas employers.

Fedelta can help all of the above groups to gain the advantages that a well regulated and politically stable jurisdiction like the Isle of Man has to offer. We are happy to meet with potential clients and professional advisors, without cost or obligation.

Contact us to investigate whether Fedelta’s international pension planning could help you or your company.

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