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Meet the team

Mark Rivers

MICA, Compliance Officer

Mark Rivers - Fedelta Isle of Man

“Fedelta operate to the highest ethical and regulatory standards. This is not in order to restrict our clients or the services we offer to them, but to provide comfort that we will always act with the utmost integrity for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders within the business."

Mark is the Compliance Officer for Fedelta Trust Limited and is responsible for ensuring that the company maintains the highest standards of compliance with current regulatory requirements that the Isle of Man is justifiably proud to adopt.

Mark has worked within offshore financial services for 20 years in the retail banking, insurance and, most recently, the fiduciary services sectors. Mark is a member of the International Compliance Association and has studied and passed the International Diploma in Compliance and intends to study further within this field.

Mark commenced his career within the financial services sector in Liverpool before moving to the Isle of Man in 1990.

He is a keen football supporter but his real passion is for motorcycles and would have dearly loved to be a full-time racer except for a ‘lack of talent’.


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