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Companies are often used as part of a planning strategy for wealth protection and tax minimisation, and companies incorporated in International Finance Centres are an especially popular tool for achieving these ends. If there is an advantageous structure then we will find it for you, and if there isn’t one apparent from an enquiry then we will explain why – without charge.

Fedelta have the expertise necessary to help pick the right solution for your needs, which will depend on the purposes for which the company is needed. Composing the board is just one example of an area in which care needs to be taken; companies are ‘legal people’ and are usually deemed to be resident where their management and control are located.

We do not limit ourselves to any particular type of company or jurisdiction. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to finding the right solution for you. Keeping up with fiscal changes is not enough; anticipation is the key to the effectiveness of Fedelta’s structuring.

Confidence in Tradition