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The Isle of Man

Fedelta is based in the Isle of Man, a leading international financial centre. The Island is conveniently located within Europe and boasts an impressive service sector, excellent infrastructure and a well-respected regulatory environment.

A range of factors combine to make the Isle of Man an impressive financial jurisdiction and the ideal place to conduct your international operations. Corporation tax is zero, and there are no capital taxes such as inheritance, capital gains, gift, or wealth tax. Income tax is also low, ranging from 0-20%, with a cap on total Isle of Man Income Tax liabilities of £120,000. It has a world class telecommunications and transport structure, including redundant self-healing fibre optic links with the UK and Ireland. The stable and fiscally responsible Government has also cultivated a strong economy, which has proven exceptionally recession resilient for many years.

Financial services are well regulated by the Financial Services Authority, there is also a strong framework for company and trust management as well as yacht and aircraft registration.

The Island is a Crown Dependency and retains legislative independence from the UK. It is also technically independent of the EU, but is within the Union’s customs territory, bringing the key advantages of free trade and movement.

You can find out more about the Isle of Man on the Government website.

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